The OCHA Foundation E Modules are a series of three short e-courses that are part of the OCHA Induction Package. The modules cover information on OCHA's mandate, structures, operating principles and processes.

Learning objectives

Module 1: We are OCHA

  • Explain the core roles and responsibilities of OCHA and its place within the UN system
  • Describe the humanitarian principles and ethics that guide OCHA's work;
  • Recall the outcomes of the World Humanitarian Summit;
  • Explain in which types of emergencies and where in the world OCHA works.

Module 2: OCHA and Humanitarian Coordination

  • Understand the different staff roles in OCHA;
  • Recall the priority actions of the Transformative Agenda;
  • Explain the nature and functioning of OCHA's partnerships;
  • Describe the functioning of the Cluster Approach;
  • Recall the role of the Humanitarian Coordinator;
  • Recall the different emergency response mechanisms and networks which OCHA supports.

Module 3: OCHA and the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC)

  • Describe the purpose of the HPC;
  • Recall the different phases of the HPC, the respective roles and tools;
  • Explain the flexibility of humanitarian coordination and the HPC in different types of emergencies;
  • Describe the roles of coordination, information, management and preparedness in the HPC;
  • Explain the key considerations in humanitarian response and during the HPC;
  • Explain the role of cash, technology and digital aid in humanitarian response.


While designed for OCHA staff, this course contains useful information for all those who work in the humanitarian system.


From 3-5 hours of learning


Module 1 - We are OCHA This module covers information on OCHA's mandate, its
core practice areas and overview of the global humanitarian system and structure. 

Module 2 - OCHA and Humanitarian Coordination This module provides detailed information on the Humanitarian System, focusing on country level, strategic and operational
partnerships and core OCHA functions.

Module 3 - OCHA and the Humanitarian Programme Cycle This course orients learners with OCHA's Role of providing information on all phases of the Humanitarian Programme Cycle (HPC) in Humanitarian Action, including principles, structures and OCHA’s role with case examples.


Self-paced online course


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Content: Margot Pieters, OCHA