Privacy policy

What personal information is stored on Agora?

Through the registration process (which is automated for UNICEF employees), some information related to the profile of the learner may be captured, such as organization, location, position, gender, manager’s position or contract type. For communication purposes (e.g. updates or key notifications) learners are also required to provide an email address. Additional data such as interests, profile picture, or additional contact details or social profiles can optionally be added by learners on their profile. Please be aware that discussion or contributions made through the site, for example through chat sessions or discussion forums, may be stored on the site (and visible by other users). Agora also hosts your personal learning record, where your activities and achievements are saved.


What use is made of personal data?

First, personal information can help us determine appropriate access rights. For example a UNICEF staff member, a partner and a general public user would have access to different courses and features. Personal interests, location and/or position may also be used to recommend learning opportunities that are relevant to a learner’s context, preferences and needs. This information can also be useful for learners to establish contact with one another. It also helps trainers and tutors understand better the profile of the learners they are supporting. We also use this data for statistical purposes, to better understand usage and improve services on Agora. Reports will not include nominative information. Your learning activity and learning record can only be viewed by your line manager(s), system administrators and course tutors or facilitators, unless you decide to make this information available to other users.

Is the Agora website secured?

The Agora project team is committed to protect your personal data through the implementation of encryption methods, secured login, firewalls, regular security patches and antivirus. Unfortunately such precautions may not be sufficient to guarantee a complete security of data. Should you have reasons to question the integrity of the site or your data, please do promptly contact us at 

Does Agora use cookies?

Logging into Agora sets a cookie on the Internet browser of the computer used to access the Web Site. Cookies are small amount of data used to assign a unique identification to your computer and securely store information such as user IDs, passwords, preferences, and online profiles.  It is stored on the hard drive of your computer. Note that, to protect your privacy, your browser only allows a web site to access the cookies it has already sent you, not the cookies sent by other sites.  

In order to use Agora, you will need to ensure that your browser is configured to accept cookies from the site. You can delete cookies after each visit, if you wish to. 

We reserve the right to modify this policy at any time.

Should you have questions or concerns related to privacy and use of personal data on Agora, please feel free to contact us at 

Last modified: Monday, 22 January 2018, 4:02 AM