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Agora is a free portal offering tailored learning solutions to UNICEF's staff, partners and supporters.
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Agora is...

  • Global, supporting all UNICEF's learning opportunities
  • Open to UNICEF staff, partners, and the general public
  • Free to access
  • Easy to use, with a clean and simple interface
  • Flexible, with mobile and offline capabilities
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Key features

  • Find the right opportunities

    Agora's Catalogue helps you find the right learning opportunity amongst hundreds of options. You can search by title, keyword, provider, competency, topic, or format.

  • Interact with other learners

    A variety of tools, such as discussion forums, blogs, assignments, or wikis help you to interact with other learners whilst providing support for you own learning needs.

  • Plan your learning and record your achievements

    Development Plans allow you to set goals and phase your development. All your learning achievements remain safely recorded in your personal Learning Record.

  • Learn wherever you are

    Learn anytime, anywhere, on a web-enabled computer, tablet, or smartphone. Agora Offline, a complementary desktop application, allows learners to complete certain courses offline and synchronize their progress when an internet connection is available.

  • Boost your career [for UNICEF staff only]

    My Career serves as a career coaching portal with tips helping you prepare your next career move, tools to asses yourself and plan your career development, as well as opportunities to exchange and discuss with peers and experts.

Topics Overview

Learning opportunities offered by Agora relate to the following primary topics:

  • Focus Areas

    Learn about the global humanitarian and development environment, the UN Human Rights framework and other global initiatives related to UNICEF's work and mission.

  • Strategies

    Learn about the strategies and normative principles that guide all UNICEF's efforts - as described in UNICEF's current Strategic Plan.

  • Operational Support

    Learn about the software, guidelines or processes that allow UNICEF to operate and effectively deliver all over the world.

  • Leading and managing

  • Career Support

    Develop your personal skills and competencies, from management and leadership development to desktop computer skills.

  • Communication & languages

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Agora 2.0 is coming!

As we are about to perform a major software upgrade of the Agora platform, please note that the site will be unavailable from 13-19 July.

GBM: The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development, a free Massive Open Online Course

Early Childhood Development interventions cut across all UNICEF programme areas. Ensuring that children develop to their full potential requires interventions in programmes for child survival and development, education, HIV/AIDS, child protection, and social policy and partnerships. In this context, we encourage you to consider enroling in The Best Start in Life: Early Childhood Development for Sustainable Development, a free Massive Open Online Course, developed with inputs from UNICEF's ECD team.

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