The new publication “How to design and manage Equity-focused evaluations” [PDF], which can also be found in MyM&E represents a first attempt to address these questions. The publication starts by defining equity, why it matters and why it is so urgent now.  It then explains what an equity-focused evaluation is, explaining what its purpose should be and potential challenges in its promotion and implementation.  The second part of the handbook explains how to manage equity-focused evaluations, presenting the key issues to take into account when preparing for equity-focused and developing the Terms of Reference.  The booklet also includes potential equity-focused evaluation questions, how to design the evaluation, including identifying the appropriate evaluation framework, evaluation design and appropriate methods to collect data; and how to ensure the evaluation is used. Finally the document addresses how to conduct equity-focused evaluations under real-world constraints. 

For further resources on equity-focused evaluations including a series of webinars and case studies, please go to the knowledge platform, MyM&E.