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PPPLab seeks to create and share knowledge for all stakeholders engaged with Public-Private Partnerships for food, water, and private sector development, and for the wider community interested in them.

The PPP Lab "Insights" eLearning curriculum is an online version of the PPP Insights eLearning print booklets.

This course provides an online treatment of the content in the 5 booklets in PPPLab Food & Water Insights series

Target Audience

  • UNICEF staff
  • PPPLab Food & Water and consortium member staff
  • External organizations and individuals interested in the mission of PPPLab Food & Water
  • Anyone interested in learning more about Public-Private Partnerships


It should take you about 60 minutes to complete each module in this self-paced course. 


This course consists of 5 self-paced eLearning tutorials that include examples, case studies and videos.


The modules in this course reflect the booklets and learning objectives of the PPPLab Food & Water Insight Series booklets. 

  1. Public-Private Partnerships: a Brief Introduction
  2. Building Partnerships
  3. Partnerships for Inclusive Business Development
  4. Financing Public-Private Partnerships
  5. Partnering with Governments

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