Every day, millions of vaccine doses are administered around the world. In order to meet this demand, people responsible for planning, procuring, transporting, storing, and distributing vaccines must maintain an adequate amount of vaccines and other immunization supplies throughout the supply chain.

An effective stock management system ensures that the right product is available in the right quantity at the right time and in the right condition.

This elearning module reviews how to operate a fully functioning stock management system. You will learn how to record and control immunization stock while receiving, storing, and distributing vaccines along the supply chain.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Explain how to keep complete and accurate records of stock transactions;
  • Explain the procedures and documents for controlling incoming, stored, and outgoing stock; and
  • Explain why keeping complete and accurate records is essential to maintaining adequate stocks of vaccines.


This elearning course is for anyone responsible for the storage, distribution, and administration of vaccines, such as immunization program managers, store managers and technicians, health workers, and ministry of health decision-makers. Staff and consultants in partner organizations working with the immunization program are also an important audience.


 This course is approximately 60 minutes. 


This course is comprised of one self-paced e-learning module. The learner is placed in the role of a store manager responsible for managing the flow of immunization stock into and out of the facility. During the course they will complete the tasks and documents necessary to receive and record a shipment of vaccine supplies from the primary store; store and monitor the supplies in the district store; and distribute vaccine supplies to a health facility. They will review how these tasks are essential for maintaining adequate stocks of vaccines and supplies at all levels of the supply chain.


This course includes one module organized in six sections:

  • Introduction
  • Receiving and recording immunization supplies
  • Storing and monitoring supplies
  • Distributing supplies
  • Conclusion
  • Assessment

Contact details

For questions or feedback on this programme, please contact Zabihullah Kamran at zkamran@unicef.org