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This is a self paced module for new staff members to review prior to taking up the new job in LAC, which will be complemented by an off-line component (a “to-do list”) – a guideline that suggests new staff members to do upon arrival to the new duty station, on their first day, first week, and first month, with the support from their local human resources colleague.

Learning objectives

The LAC induction programme is aimed to provide new staff members joining UNICEF LAC region with basic information about the region and the specific office s/he is going to. All new staff members joining UNICEF LAC region are requested to take this module and learn more about our region in particular – both specific programme priorities and local information in a certain duty station or office. Staff members already familiar with LAC (e.g. moving from within the LAC region) are also encouraged to refresh their memories. The module includes useful information such as briefing videos, links and resources to reading materials and is composed of two pillars: a programme pillar and a country specific pillar. All the information is available in the internet, including: videos for the programmatic pillar, and links to CO's external websites, and PDFs uploaded on the logistical information.


All new staff members having a new assignment in UNICEF LAC region.


It should take you approximately 2 hours to complete this module.


The LAC Induction programme is composed by a self-paced self-study module and an off-line to-do-list facilitated by the local HR colleague upon arrival. New staff members are expected to complete this on-line module prior to assuming the new function. Upon arrival to the duty station, the off-line to-do-list will guide the staff member on what to do on their first day, first week, and first month.


The LAC Orientation programme is composed of the following elements:

  • A welcome message (video) from the Regional Director, and a welcome message (video) from the Regional HR Chief
  • Pillar 1 – LAC Programme and Operations Introduction (all individual videos presented by each senior advisor)
  • Pillar 2 – LAC Country Specific Information from all 24 COs, including a country programme overview (link with CO website) & logistical information (pdf).

Contact details

Jorge A. Ballestero, Regional Chief of Human Resources,
+507 301 7468