This webinar contains  the following presentations which were delivered by the Global switch experts from WHO, UNICEF, CDC and Task Force for Global Health.  

1. Polio Eradication and Endgame Strategic Plan 2013-18 & Global update on the switch preparations

2. Overview of the Switch: Planning, Preparing & Implementing

3. Communications for the OPV switch

4. Procurement   and Supply management

5. bOPV Logistics, Micro planning, and Waste Management

6. Overview of Switch Monitoring and Validation

7. Switch Resources

 We would recommend, that all partners who involve in the OPV switch to watch this webinar at least once. You also will be awarded with a certificate from Agora as completed the training on OPV Switch after watching these presentations and completion of evaluation.       

Please do not try to fast forward the video because it might give an error message causing you to start from the beginning.  Please also note, that you can download this video thorough the link below " Training on OPV switch",  but I would advise you to stream this video fully, and complete the evaluation form to get a certificate of completion.