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About the course

Partnerships between UNICEF and both national and international civil society organizations play a vital role in delivering results for children.

Every year, UNICEF disburses USD 1 billion in cash and provides almost USD 500 million in programme supplies to about 4,000 CSO partners in countries all over the world. CSO partners also contribute notable financial, intellectual, human and other resources to joint programmes.

This e-course has been developed for all UNICEF staff and CSO partners who are involved in partner selection, programme development, and activity implementation. This e-course supports the mutual commitment of both UNICEF and CSO partners to quality programme delivery, clear accountabilities, transparency, and ultimately results for children.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the course, you will know

  • When and how to work together
  • Selecting and establishing a partnership
  • Implementing and concluding partnership
  • Working in emergencies


This course is for all UNICEF staff and CSO partners engaged at any stage in the partnership process.


Duration 1 hour 30 minutes


This is a scenario-based course and contains four modules to cover the end-to-end process of UNICEF-CSO partnership. Learners will complete a pre-assessment and post-assessment to measure their learning progress before and after taking the course.

Contact details

For content related questions: Nazeef Khan - nukhan@unicef.org

For technical support queries: agora@unicef.org