In this course you will be introduced to the Digital Fundraising team in PFP (Private Fundraising and Partnerships) headquarters. You will learn more about who we are and what we do. We will guide you through our strategy and core activities, to help you understand what is our role in this big family that is UNICEF.

The objective is to offer you a bird-eye view of the Digital Fundraising unit in PFP and to provide you with information that will help you identify how we can help you better to deliver the results that you are aiming to.

Learning objectives

  • Define the role of the UNICEF PFP digital fundraising team
  • Define why digital fundraising matters for UNICEF
  • Identify digital techniques and channels to acquire new donors
  • Define indicators to measure the success of a digital fundraising campaign 
  • Identify and locate tools and resources for digital fundraising


This course is targeted to any UNICEF staff interested in knowing more about the digital fundraising unit and activities at UNICEF.

There is no obligatory prerequisite for this course. 


  • Module 1: The PFP Digital Fundraising team
  • Module 2: Digital fundraising strategy
  • Module 3: Tools and resources

If you complete the "Final Quiz" (at the end of the course) with a success rate of 80%, you will earn a Certificate and an Open Badge.


The amount of time to complete this course is estimated to approximately 30 minutes.

Contact details

  • For technological issues, please contact the Agora team (
  • For content queries, please contact Nina Lundgren (
  • For questions and suggestions on further building the e-learning curriculum on working with the private sector, please contact Jasmin Suministrado (


  • Jose Maria Barrado, Fundraising Specialist, Digital (
  • Robert Cummins, Marketing Manager (
  • Jeong Hyun Lee, Fundraising Specialist, Digital (
  • Nina Lundgren, Fundraising Specialist (
  • Filippo Oggioni, Fundraising Specialist, Digital (