Based on the Disability Orientation, the Inclusive Communication Module is dynamic and engaging. The content is divided into three chapters of 15-20 minutes each, and contains examples from over 30 country offices. Upon completion of the module, it is expected that participants will be able to: use appropriate terminology when communicating about children with disabilities; confidently interact with persons with disabilities;  and develop materials and organize meetings that are inclusive of and accessible to people with disabilities.


The objective of the Inclusive Communication Module is to give UNICEF staff confidence and skills in: communicating with persons with disabilities; and reaching a diverse audience through inclusive and accessible materials and events. 

Target audience

This course primarily targets all UNICEF staff. It is open to partners and the general public.


It should take you about 45 minutes to complete this course.

Structure and Methodology

The videos have several accessibility features: Sign Language interpretation (SL), Audio Description (AD) and Closed Captioning (CC).

Part 1 of the Inclusive Communication Module gives a background to the Convention on the Rights of Person with Disabilities (CRPD) and informs about recommended approaches and terminology to use when communicating about disability.  

Part 2 of the Inclusive Communication Module focuses on the importance of engagement and meaningful participation of people with disabilities in all communications material. 

Part 3 of the Inclusive Communication Module provides practical guidance on how to promote accessibility in communications and events. 

A short quiz is available as a tool to assess what you learned or to facilitate discussion. 

Contact details

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