The Immunisation eLearning Initiative provides UNICEF and partners’ staff access to training in areas deemed vital to the advancement of the Global Vaccine Action Plan. MCES aims to contribute to this goal by offering the learner insight into the significance and practicalities of preventing measles disease burden under UNICEF’s core commitments for children in humanitarian action (

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you will:

  • Understand how measles transmission risk factors are exacerbated by emergency situations.
  • Be familiar with measles risk assessment.
  • Be familiar with the practical steps in investigating a suspected measles outbreak.
  • Be introduced to planning and implementing preventive or outbreak response measles vaccination campaigns of supplemental immunisation activities (SIAs)


This course is intended for UNICEF and partners’ personnel working in health and in humanitarian emergencies across all levels of the organization (headquarters, regional, and country offices). It is recommended that health and emergency staff include the Immunization eLearning Initiative courses as part of their professional development plan.


This modular course has a total duration of 130 minutes. 


This course is presented as illustrated, animated tutorials authored by subject matter experts.


This course comprises four modules and one mandatory assessment. Module 1 is mandatory, after which participants can access the others according to preference in one or several sittings

Module 1: The significance measles transmission in emergency settings (12 min)
Module 2: Risk assessment and decision-making to determine mitigating strategies (32 min)
Module 3: Investigating a measles outbreak (35 min)
Module 4: Planning and implementation of a mass vaccination campaign (40 min)
                   Measles Control in Emergencies: Assessment (15 min)

Contact details

For questions or feedback on this course, please contact the UNICEF Immunisation Unit:

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