Since 1995, UNICEF has supported the implementation of Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys (MICS), collaborating with countries in generating high quality data on the situation of children and women. At the conclusion of the sixth round in 2023, 120 countries across the world have conducted more than 350 MICS surveys. For many countries, MICS surveys are among the most important sources of data used for situation analyses, policy decisions and programme interventions, and for influencing public opinion. This online course targets learners who are preparing to attend MICS workshops and those who would like to improve their knowledge related to the Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey programme.

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize key MICS protocols and standards 
  2. Describe what MICS is designed to measure 
  3. Outline the key aspects of MICS and the new tablet-based approach to data collection
  4. Define the Global MICS Collaborative Framework
  5. Summarize how data on SDGs and other global indicators on children’s well-being can be collected through MICS


          The course is for UNICEF colleagues, staff of National Statistical Offices, or other partners who use or are interested in the Multiple Indicator Cluster Surveys Programme of UNICEF.


          It should take you about 3 hours to complete this self-paced course.


          This learning consists of a self-paced course, ending with an assessment and certification of participants. Certification is mandatory for participation in MICS face-to-face workshops or training.


          This course is composed of the following topics:

          • Part 1 - MICS Overview
          • Part 2 - Sampling
          • Part 3 - Survey Tools
          • Part 4 - Preparation for Fieldwork
          • Part 5 - Survey Logistics & Arrangements
          • Part 6 - Data Processing and Data Quality Assurance
          • Part 7 - Preparing the Survey Findings
          • Part 8 - Dissemination in MICS

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