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The course offers learners a comprehensive introduction to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and the duties it confers on governments, manufacturers, and distributers of certain infant feeding products, and health care providers. 

Translating the Code into effective national legal, regulatory, and enforcement measures requires a sound understanding of the provisions of the Code. In 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) developed and published an e-course aimed at providing policymakers, legislators, health practitioners, UN agency staff, and civil society partners with an introduction to the aims, scope, and contents of the Code. 

This e-learning course was updated in 2023 to preserve functionality, discuss the implications of resolutions and decisions of the World Health Assembly adopted since 2016 and ensure it continues to meet the needs of new generations of learners working in governments, health care systems, UN agencies, and civil society. 

Learning objectives

Participants who complete this course will develop or consolidate their understanding of:  

    1. The impact of infant feeding practices on child survival, development, and health outcomes throughout the life course; 

    2. The role of the International Code in creating facilitating environments for breastfeeding and appropriate complementary feeding; 

    3. The scope and provisions of the International Code, including subsequent relevant WHA resolutions;

    4. Obligations of duty-bearers identified in the International Code

    5. Tools and resources available to support implementation of the International Code. 


  • UNICEF staff (country offices, Regional Offices and HQ)
  • UNICEF partners
  • UNICEF and National Committee consultants, interns, volunteers, goodwill ambassadors and National Committee board members
  • UNICEF government, policy makers, civil society and corporate partners as appropriate


It should take you about 6 hours to complete this self-paced course. 


Distinct modules followed by assessment and evaluation at the end  


This course is composed of seven modules. 

  • Module 1 - The Need for The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes 
  • Module 2 – Aim and Scope of The International Code 
  • Module 3 – Promotion Through Information and Education 
  • Module 4 - Promotion to The Public 
  • Module 5 - Promotion in Health Care Systems 
  • Module 6 - Labelling 
  • Module 7 - Implementation and Monitoring 

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