This short course provides an overview of the purpose and structure of the NIAF, an introduction to each of the seven steps involved, and provides guidance on how to apply the guidance when analysing needs and planning a response. By completing the short course, you will be able to identify information needs, gather and analyse data, prioritize geographical areas for response, set strategic objectives and agree on response options for the response, estimate the number of Children in Need, agree the target number and estimate costs for Child Protection activities.

Learning objectives

After completing this short course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose and intended audience of the Needs Identification and Analysis Framework for Child Protection (NIAF)
  •  Summarize the key content and structure of the NIAF in relation to the HPC
  •  Describe how the NIAF can be used to support Child Protection assessments and response planning
  • Reflect on how to use the tool to improve your practice


This short course is suitable for anyone in a coordination or information management role in a Child Protection Coordination Group (CPCG) or anyone who works closely with CPCGs who is interested in developing their ability to assess and analyse Child Protection needs, and plan Child Protection responses.


The short course will take you about 3 hours to complete. You do not need to complete all of the modules in one go: your progress through the short course will be saved. 


This course is composed of three short self-paced modules. There is a pre-course test which you can take to test your knowledge of the topics covered and a final assessment. On successful completion of the final assessment, you will be awarded a digital badge. If you have previously completed the module that is included in a short course, it will be marked as completed and you will not have to repeat the module. 


This course is composed of three modules:

  • An introduction to the Child Protection Needs Identification and Analysis Framework (NIAF)
  •  Using the Needs Identification and Analysis Framework to support data gathering, analysis and interpretation
  •  Using the Needs Identification and Analysis Framework for response planning