Learning objectives

At the end of this training, the participants will be able to:

  • GMP Integration: Learn how Google Marketing Platform (GMP) integrates with GA4 for enhanced data analytics. 
  • Introduction: Get an overview of GA4 and BigQuery, understanding their roles in data analysis.
  • Interface: Explore the GA4 and BigQuery interfaces, becoming familiar with their layout and features.
  • Using Data: Dive into the basics of data usage, including data collection, storage, and its relevance for analysis.
  • Standard SQL: Discover the fundamental SQL skills needed for querying and manipulating data in BigQuery. 
  • Data Exploration: Discover techniques for exploring and understanding GA4 data within BigQuery. 
  • Dashboarding: Learn how to create meaningful dashboards and visualizations to convey insights effectively. 
  • Connect GA4 to BigQuery: Explore the process of linking your GA4 property to BigQuery, enabling data transfer. 
  • The GA4 Schema: Understand the GA4 data schema, including its structure and the data it holds. 
  • Custom Reports: Explore how to build custom reports tailored to your specific analytics needs using GA4, BigQuery and LookerStudio. 


This course is targeted to any UNICEF staff interested in understanding how to get started working with GA4 raw data. This course covers how to export GA4 data to BigQuery Google Cloud’s serverless SQL database. Further, it dives into how to write SQL queries with BigQuery and how to work with the GA4 data schema. Finally, it shows how to build simple dashboards. 


The course consists of three modules: Basic Level Training, Intermediate Level Training, and Advanced Level Training. 


The amount of time to complete this course is estimated to be approximately 4 hours. 

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