This course is part of the GWC training pathway, created for both WASH Cluster partners and UNICEF staff involved in coordination to ensure the efficient WASH coordination in humanitarian action. This training pathway includes the following courses, all available in AGORA's catalogue:

  1. Introduction to WASH Cluster Coordination: 2h online training providing background information on WASH Cluster coordination. For all WASH partners and UNICEF staff wanting general information on WASH humanitarian coordination. This course was designed in 2015 by WASH cluster Somalia and need to be contextualized when used outside East Africa region.
  2. Humanitarian WASH Coordination Induction: 2 days online training providing essential information and tools to coordinate WASH Cluster. For WASH partners or new UNICEF WASH staff fulfilling a WASH coordination role
  3. Partners' briefing on Humanitarian WASH coordination: Three succesive face to face briefing modules providing essential information on partner’s roles to actively participate in humanitarian WASH Coordination. For all WASH partners involved in humanitarian response
  4. WASH Operational coordination (WOC): 5 days residential training providing operational tools and skills for WASH coordination. For Humanitarian WASH cluster / sector coordinators
  5. WASH Leadership & coordination (L&C). 5 days residential training to strengthen the skills for leading humanitarian WASH coordination platform. For Humanitarian WASH cluster / sector coordinators
  6. WOC and L&C training of trainers: this ToT is specifically designed to train high level UNICEF staff and partners to deliver the WOC and L&C training in autonomy
  7. Market-based programming for WASH in Emergency (MBPWIE): 5 days residential training to strengthen the skills of WASH practitioners on Market and Cash related tools used for WASH programming


This online course is adressed to all person involved in the humanitarian response and interested to enlarge their understanding about the cluster approach, and more specifically for the WASH cluster 


This course will help you to:

  • Be familiar with the reform of the humanitarian reform and the transformative agenda
  • Understand the main principles of the cluster or sector approach
  • Be clear on the roles of the different actors involved in the WASH coordination platform
  • Be aware of the skills and competencies needed to support effective coordination and partnership
  • Be familiar with the core functions of thre WASH coordination platform, including need assessment and response planing
  • Know main information and management tools, and source of information for the WASH sector
  • Be familiar with the cluster or sector performance monitoring process

Course content & methodology

This course consists in a serie of videos and animation, divided into 4 modules:

  1. The coordination approach and its context
  2. Managing effective coordination 
  3. Coordination in action
  4. Information management monitoring & evaluation

This course has been developed in 2015 with the support of UNICEF Somalia and the Somalia WASH Cluster