This course is part of the GWC training pathway, created for both WASH Cluster partners and UNICEF staff involved in coordination to ensure the efficient WASH coordination in humanitarian action. This training pathway includes the following courses, most of them available in AGORA's catalogue:

  1. Partners' briefing on Humanitarian WASH coordination: Three succesive face to face briefing modules providing essential information on partner’s roles to actively participate in humanitarian WASH Coordination. For all WASH partners involved in humanitarian response
  2. Humanitarian WASH Coordination Induction: 2 days online training providing essential information and tools to coordinate WASH Cluster. For WASH partners or new UNICEF WASH staff fulfilling a WASH coordination role. Some sections are specific to IMO
  3. WASH Operational coordination (WOC): 5 days residential training providing operational tools and skills for WASH coordination. For Humanitarian WASH cluster / sector coordinators
  4. WASH Leadership & coordination (L&C). 5 days residential training to strengthen the skills for leading humanitarian WASH coordination platform. For Humanitarian WASH cluster / sector coordinators
  5. Government Led coordination of WASH in Emergency (GoLWIE, not yet on Agora). Several days workshop aiming at strengthening the role of national and regional government in leading and coordinating the humanitarian WASH response. Under pilot phase. Contact GWC if you are interested to pilot a GoLWIE in your country
  6. Market-based programming for WASH in Emergency (MBPWIE): 5 days residential training to strengthen the skills of WASH practitioners on Market and Cash related tools used for WASH programming
  7. GWC Information Management Training: 5 days residential training to provide Information Management Officers with advanced skills to support information management for WASH coordination platforms during emergencies 
  8. Coordinated assessment process: Planned for 2020
  9. GWC training of trainers: ToT are specifically designed to train high level UNICEF staff and partners to deliver GWC training in autonomy



Due to high turnover and the nature of humanitarian work, new staffs are continuously deployed by WASH agencies to emergencies, often initially unaware of the country humanitarian WASH coordination system. To answer to this gap, the GWC has developed this briefing package which forms part of the suite of Global WASH cluster learning materials developed for coordination personnel and partners


This briefing package aims at improving overall and individual WASH response outcomes, through improvement of WASH partners participation to cluster activities and knowledge of cluster outputs. It focuses on presenting cluster’s objective and outputs (strategic orientation, harmonized technical standard and methodologies, online document repository, specific tools and template used in country), and inform partners about the inputs they are expected to provide (input to monitoring framework, participation in cluster event and working groups).


The whole package is composed of the following

  • A one day briefing on Humanitarian WASH coordination, provided by partner’s organization before the deployment / after the recruitment of their staff as part of their induction package. This briefing is composed of two modules:
    • Module I: ½ day on humanitarian reform, coordination functions and benefit of coordination for the partners
    • Module II: ½ day providing more precise info about coordination outputs across the Humanitarian Program Cycle, the support partners can expect from their coordination platform, and their expected contribution to the coordination process
  • Module III: ½ day operational briefing on contributions of partners to key deliverables and cluster main outputs and recommended approaches, organized on a regular basis in-country by the WASH cluster coordinator, possibly gathering several partner’s staff at the same time.


Module I and II are proposed with different format:

  • The basic format is a face to face delivery by WASH partners senior staff, using the powerpoints provided
  • The powerpoints presentation of the briefing package have been also adapted for short training of coordination platform staff (instead of WASH partners)
  • The training can also be delivered through webinar using the powerpoints. A webinar recording is provided as example
  • A self learning using a video of powerpoint including audio comments

Module III can only be delivered through in country face to face training