This training introduces the principles of child safeguarding and the ways in which you can keep children safe when they interact with UNICEF personnel, partners, programmes, and operations.

Learning objectives

  • Describe what child safeguarding is and why it is important.
  • Identify child safeguarding responsibilities that apply to all UNICEF personnel at all times.
  • Identify and reduce risks of harm to children.
  • Report child safeguarding concerns safely and confidentially.
  • Define personal, social, informational, organizational and contextual barriers to keeping children safe.
  • Develop a personal plan to ensure that you fulfill UNICEF's child safeguarding requirements.


This training is designed to equip all UNICEF personnel with the key knowledge and skills they need to keep children safe from harm when engaged with UNICEF personnel, partners, programmes, and operations. It can also be used by UNICEF partners to help them understand and meet UNICEF’s child safeguarding expectations.


The training contains six modules, each of which will take approximately 10–15 minutes to complete. The modules contain a mixture of scenario-based practice and personal reflection activities. Each module also has at least one downloadable/printable job aid/handout that will support your efforts to keep children safe. At the end of the training, you will have developed a personalized learning and child safeguarding plan that you can use to reinforce your understanding and day-to-day practice of child safeguarding. 

  • Introduction

  • Module 1: What is child safeguarding?

  • Module 2: Who is responsible for keeping children safe?

  • Module 3: How can I identify and mitigate risks for children?

  • Module 4: What do I do if I suspect or know of a child safeguarding concern?

  • Module 5: How do I overcome barriers to keeping children safe?

  • Module 6: How can I better fulfill my child safeguarding obligation?


This training should take about 90 minutes to complete. You may need longer if you decide to spend more time on the personal reflection activities. We encourage you to engage deeply with the personal application activities, as these activities are designed to enhance your individual ability to keep children safe. 

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