There is no doubt that technology has made our lives more convenient, but it has also made it easier for attackers to gain access to systems that compromise our organization. All of us at UNICEF need to better understand the risks that threaten our valuable and sensitive data. We need to prepare ourselves in order to adequately protect organizational assets.

Learning objectives

This course will make UNICEF users more aware of how susceptible they can be in today's threat landscape, and how changing certain risky behaviours and creating a secure organizational culture protects all of us. This course promotes a security-focused culture that empowers users to protect systems proactively by taking adequate security measures. 

By successfully completing this course, you will:

    • Increase your knowledge on information security, personal information and privacy 
    • Identify the main risks when using information technology
    • Identify threats such as social engineering, phishing, ransomware and spyware
    • Learn how to protect yourself from the main information security threats
    • Learn how to report information security incidents


UNICEF staff, partners, consultants, national committees, UN Volunteers, interns and others as appropriate.


The estimated time it takes to complete this course is 90 minutes.


The course has 13 interactive modules:

    1. Introduction to Information Security
    2. Personal Information and Privacy
    3. Access Control
    4. Passwords
    5. Social Engineering
    6. Email
    7. Phishing
    8. Malware
    9. Ransomware
    10. Working Remotely
    11. Mobile Devices
    12. Protecting Your Home Computer
    13. Incident Reporting


This course is part of UNICEF’s Information Security Programme, and is developed to manage human risk with a sustainable, measurable and targeted approach. It promotes an information security mindset and behavior change so users can protect both the organization and their personal assets.

Contact details

For more information: Information Security webpage

We would like to thank our partner UN International Computing Centre, who is the leading provider of information, technology and communications services within the UN system.